Welcome Fellow Wood Badgers!

Welcome to Wood Badge! We are thrilled to have each of you here. Our goal is to share a special Wood Badge experience with you, which includes the sharing of inspired truths and leadership principles. We are here to serve and guide you. Your Troop Guide is your first contact, but any staff member will be happy to help you.

Wood Badge is the premier leadership training course in the Boy Scouts of America. The curriculum is well defined and standardized across the BSA. Some adjustments are made to make it more meaningful to the sponsoring organizations that attend the Wood Badge course. In our case, most, if not all come from LDS-sponsored units, so don't be surprised if we use some LDS terminology and references. Please let us know if you are not familiar with any of the references so we can make appropriate adjustments.

The Wood Badge course is designed to be a mountaintop experience. Careful planning and strict attention to detail provide meticulous leadership training that is second to none. Thoroughly prepared and enthusiastic staff members will mentor you. You will complete this course with newly learned leadership skills and return with a renewed commitment to lead, strengthen and serve your families, communities, church, as well as your local Scouting unit.

Your Wood Badge staff began preparation last October, with focus on becoming a high-performance team, capable of providing an experience that will leave a life long impact on each of you. Many of the staff served previously on Wood Badge, Timberline or All-Star leadership development staffs. In addition, most have significant leadership experience in the LDS Church and local Scouting units. All of the staff members have made many sacrifices to be here with you.

We will strive to keep you informed of everything that occurs on course. If you have any questions, please ask! A new issue of the Gilwell Gazette will be circulated each day. Please take time to read each one. It will contain information of the day's activities, entertaining articles, reminders, pictures and stories of the course. You will have opportunities to contribute to the Gazette to help us get to know each other better and provide a forum for sharing your thoughts about your experiences while here.

We thank each of you for making an effort to be here and appreciate your families for allowing you this special opportunity. Your families will be blessed for your sacrifice, and your time here at Wood Badge will have a lasting, positive impact on everyone in your life.

Relax and enjoy the fellowship and spirit of this course. Have fun!

John Gailey
Scout Master

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