Welcome To Wood Badge!

I am very excited about this Wood Badge course. I believe, with your help, this will be one of the best experiences you have ever had in scouting and quite possibly rank as one of the best learning experiences of your life.

Your time is very valuable. I applaud you for taking this time to become a better leader in whichever area you are working in the scouting program. Wood Badge can teach you to better administer scouting so you can minister more to the young men you serve. It doesn’t matter whether you are a direct scout leader or have committee or other scouting roles; our Father in Heaven will bless you and your family because of your dedication and love of the boys that you serve in the Scouting program.

As you come to Wood Badge, for whatever reason you are there, please remember to be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. You will then be ready to contribute, learn, enjoy and grow. Plead with your Heavenly Father that your heart may be softened and mind quickened so that you may be able to feel of the spirit that exists at Wood Badge.

The Wood Badge experience provides a way so as you return to your unit, you will have several goals to work on over a period of time. We call these goals “Tickets”, or “Working your Ticket”. As you “Work your Ticket”, you will help your unit and yourself become better. These tickets or goals will be generated by you with the help of your troop guide while you are on course.

Thanks for all you do for the young men you serve. If you have any question regarding your preparations for this course, please contact me at 801-319-8330 or Dave.Nerdin@woodbadge.us.

We look forward to seeing you in July.

Dave Nerdin